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1920's Party

Welcome to the roaring 20s, when jazz and dance exploded into the US, Berlin, Paris and London!
Think Smoky, sultry jazz clubs where women wore their hair short and danced with a glass of champagne in one hand, and men wore sharp suits and hats on a jaunty, mischievous angle.

Women's Fashion

Women began to discover the “feminine mystique”, and become far more risqué and outrageous!
It was the time of “Flappers”, boyish cut dresses, short bobs or waved hair, headbands and headpieces. Long beads, elbow length gloves, fringed dresses, feather boas or stoles and cigarette holders were very in!
Think Glamorous, independent and saucy!
HANDY TIP: For inspiration look up “Josephine Baker” or “Louise Brooks”!

Flapper Dresses


Long Gloves
Cigarette Holders
Bob Wigs
Feather headpieces and headbands

Men's Fashion

Men wore crisp suits (often double breasted!)
Pin stripes were big, as were waistcoats, suspenders and shoe spats
A fedora hat completes the 20s look, worn on a jaunty angle!
Dress sharp and act smooth (and a little bit wicked!) and you'll be a 1920s man!

Gangster suits
Shoe Spats
Fake Cigars
Tommy Gun
or come as a high roller! Glamorous Gambling became very popular in the 1920s!

Look up some of these for inspiration!
Art Nouveau
The Great Gatsby
The Cats Meow

Party Ideas:

Prohibition Party:
In the 1920's alcohol was banned in the US. This lead to the rise of “Speakeasies” or “Blind tigers”; establishments where alcohol was illegally sold and illegal bars were set up. Host a Blind Tiger party and take your guests into lock-down! (where secret bars locked the doors for the night!) give guests a secret password or knock to use when they arrive, or throw your party in an old warehouse!

Organised Crime Party:
Prohibition led to a rise of organised crime as demand for illegal alcohol grew! (Think Al Capone!)
Illegal gambling bars were established, where people would come to play poker, black jack etc.
Throw a gangster party, and people can come as criminals that run the joint, or as the glamorous patrons!
Have tables set up with different games, such as poker, and don't forget to play a little jazz!

FUN TIP: 1920s Slang
Drop a few 1920s sayings at the party!

Bank's Closed: no kissing “Sorry Mac, the bank's closed”
Joint: an establishment “This is a ritzy joint!”
Ritzy: Classy
Cat's Meow: Fantastic “this party is the cats meow”
hip to the jive: Very cool.

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